Contemporary Living: Erased Bodies

Stills from ‘Contemporary Living / Erased Bodies’ performance, created for the V&A’s Friday late – October 2019.

Deeply rooted in queer techno, ‘Contemporary Living/Erased Bodies’ by FRONTLEFT reflected on how gentrification disproportionately affects ethnic minorities, the queer and artistic communities. The piece is an urgent commentary on the disappearance of spaces in East London and the resulting erasure of bodies, artistic practices and forms of of intimacy. A truly multi-disciplinary performance which included a a heady mix of dance, video and a live music.

Production: Ricardo Suazo
Music: Andreas Lof Hermansson
Voice: Adam Popli & Ricardo Suazo
Film: Adam Popli
Lights: Studio Atelier
Dancers: Adam Popli, Alina Ignatjeva, Attila Simony, Daniel Pini Neis, Hugo Da Silva, Matthew Renaudin, Prudence Malinki, Ricardo Suazo, Veronica Glove

Special thanks to Lewis G. Burton, Eden Topall-Rabanes, Nic Locke, Sunitha Dwarakanath, Stella Mathiodaki , Annya Marte, Marie James, Yampi Lopez.